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Reach Out to The Top Companies that Use ERP Software with our Comprehensive ERP customers List

With our ERP Users List, you can get the most accurate database for your next marketing campaign. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) refers to a wide range of activities that help businesses manage their operations. As vital as ERP is for improving the performance of business operations, having access to an efficient, highly targeted list of companies using ERP is also critical for improved lead generation and a successful marketing campaign.

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    Our extremely responsive and dynamic ERP customers list is built specifically to include data sets that are reviewed, validated, and updated daily. As a result, we support marketers with b2b worldwide campaigns at the same time, thanks to our verified contact list of ERP users.

    Get an email list to reach out to customers in previously unexplored regions and boost your brand’s visibility. According to studies, multichannel marketing may generate up to a 300% return on investment, and 82% prefer email campaigns to other types of advertising. So, with our tailored marketing, let us assist you.

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    Companies that use ERP


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    Our Prime mission is to provide data with high intelligence. Data with intelligence can drive better campaign

    We Provide Following List of Companies Using ERP

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    Business One List SAP

    JD Edwards EnterpriseOne List

    JD Edwards World List

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    SAP ERP Customers List

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    Oracle Financials Cloud List

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    SAP APO Customers List

    Microsoft Dynamics GP List

    Microsoft Dynamics NAV List

    Account your Market stability with List of Companies that Use ERP

    The ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is business management software. An organization can utilize ERP to manage and automate operations based on
    technology, planning, human resources, finance, marketing, finance, and sales through an organized network of applications.

    ERP software integrates operations such as production, product planning, development, and marketing into a single database with a user interface and application. If you are chasing drastic improvements in the user marketing campaigns and revenue-generating B2B leads from your company, choose our mailing lists.

    If you want to see significant gains in your company’s user marketing efforts and revenue-generating B2B prospects, choose our mailing database.

      The Most Important Features of our ERP Users List:

      ERP Users List that is Personalized :
      Are you interested in launching a targeted b2b marketing campaign for your ERP services? We provide a customized list of Companies that use ERP connects you to contacts, including key decision-makers, utilizing ERP. Explore new business prospects by reaching out to your target audience all around the world.
      Increased Conversion Rates :
      Your conversion rates will automatically improve if you promote your items and services appropriately. This is since you’re contacting the correct individuals at the right time. If you’ve been having trouble with it, don’t worry!.
      Verified Database :
      We make sure that processes like data cleansing and maintenance are carried out on a weekly basis at Technology User Lists. This is to guarantee that the information we offer is always 100 % correct. We also re-verify and validate our records, remove duplicates, and obsolete data, and ensure that our database contains relevant and up-to-date data.
      100% Opt-In Information :
      By providing you with 100% opt-in details, we shield you from legal repercussions. For your marketing efforts, we exclusively provide officially sourced and permission-based data. Public documents, trade shows, magazine subscriptions, polls, conferences, and business cards are just a few of our sources.

      Through List of Companies Using ERP Find Potential Customers

      Businesses can use ERP to focus on innovating and creating advanced products and applications rather than sales and marketing, which is prone to go wrong without accurate information about ERP consumers and their current preferences. We screen our data meticulously to ensure that your message reaches the right people.

      Our Resources

      Our List of Companies that use ERP strives to collect and organize data from multiple departments to make data-driven business choices. We collect emails from reliable trade shows, B2B exhibitions, Trade Fairs, industry meetings, conferences, directories, business publications, interviews with top-tier industry experts, regularly updated directories, and more to build our database.

      Our ERP Users List delivers data that is not only comprehensive but also current and relevant. This is because our data is gathered in a systematic manner from reputable sources such as Business Conferences and Events, Newsletter Subscriptions, Business Directories, Definitive Survey Channels, Listings, and so on.

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      Our Prime mission is to provide data with high intelligence. Data with intelligence can drive better campaign