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With over 30% of Estimated Market Share, AWS (Amazon Web Services) has consolidated itself to be one of the top- tier Cloud- service providers around the globe. Cloud Computing’s magnanimous ecosystem of Software products, technologies, solutions and services has led to the rise of Multi- Million Dollar Economy where numerous Cloud- Providers are contributing to the ever- increasing cloud market share.

AWS takes up more than 30% of Market Share in the Cloud Infrastructure Industry, and some of the popular Companies that use AWS include Facebook, Netflix, Adobe, X (formerly known as Twitter), General Motors, Dell and more. This eventually opens up important opportunities for Businesses to Sell their Products and Services to a vast pool of AWS Customer Base. However, due to fierce market competition, it can be difficult to reach out to the required leads or prospects.

Data Infometrix aims to solve these difficulties with our AWS Customers List, which consists of Actively- Managed Contact Information of multiple Businesses and Companies that are using AWS across the globe. This opens- up numerous possibilities for your business to Sell its Products to Prominent Customer Base on a global level, in a much more trouble- free way!


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What Companies are using AWS?

AWS has over 5 Million customers which makes it accessible even for small businesses. Although its usage spans over 190 countries, a good amount of companies in the USA rely on AWS to handle most of their activities. Also, it is worth noting that a considerable part of Fortune 500 Companies and about 90% of Fortune 100 Companies are making economical use of AWS’s Cloud Solutions and Services.

Businesses can’t miss out on Selling to Top- Level Executives of Companies that use AWS given that there is a whole List of Well-known companies that are actively using  Amazon Web Services:

CompanyLocationEmployee SizeRevenue (USD)
FacebookUnited States69,329134 Bn
NetflixUnited States13,00040 Bn
NASAUnited States18,00025 Bn
Walt DisneyUnited States225,00088 Bn
Johnson and JohnsonUnited States150,00021 Bn
LinkedInUnited States18,50015 Bn
General ElectricUnited States125,00068 Bn
PfizerUnited States78,50015 Bn
PinterestUnited States9,1002.5 Bn
AirBnbUnited States36,0002.2 Bn

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    Amazon Web Services (AWS) Customers by Products and Services

    Back in 2022, Amazon’s Web Services grew by 29% with a pre-existing revenue base of $60 Bn. The Company has been leading the cloud- computing market with over 32% market share worldwide. As per Statista’s projection, AWS is to further increase its market share to 49% by contributing to platform as a service (PaaS) and infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) market.  

    The top 3 Customers that make use of Amazon Web Services (AWS) Infrastructure as a Service- on the basis of the Products and Services sold by them are Education (1,109), Accessories (1,023) and Research (987).

    AWS Customer By Product And Services

    Magnify your Business’s Outreach with our AWS Customer List

    Building a Strong and Accurate List of Potential Leads can be a Daunting Task for Businesses everywhere.

    Data Informetrix’s AWS Customers List consists of Actively- Managed and Verified Contact Information of AWS Users in US, UK, Germany, Canada and everywhere around the world. Connect and sell your products to Top- Level Executives, Key- Decision Makers and more. Our List of Companies using AWS can be a Strong Starting Point to initiate your Business’s Marketing and Sales Efforts by helping you target Profitable Leads and Prospects.

    Fine- Tune your List of Prospects as per your Marketing Requirements

    Just like AWS platform reduces the complexities in properly managing cloud infrastructure, similarly Data Infometrix’s List of Companies that use AWS can help reduce the heavy- work involved in manually preparing a Profitable List of Prospects. Our List provides you the option to add or remove Data Fields that aligns with your Target- based Outreach the best.

    Our Customizable Data Fields include:

    AWS Customers by Industry

    AWS Customers Base consists of Companies across different regions and of all sizes, while placing a strong emphasis on Start- ups, Small and Medium Scale businesses. This is mainly being done to help businesses in the early stages and with a bid to magnify their cloud- service’s usage. As per the Graph, Miscellaneous or Multiple industries are inclined towards using AWS with 65.8% , while closely being followed by the Computer Software industry with 11.1%.

    AWS Customers By Country

    Given that a good amount of Companies are using Amazon Web Services around the Globe, it is imminent to know the country-wise distribution for the same. As per the Graph, The United States is a major contributor to global AWS usage with 51.2% Market Share, which is closely followed by the United Kingdom with 13.5%.

    AWS Customers By Country

    Generate 100% ROI with our Credible Data Sources

    Data Infometrix’s List of Companies using AWS is all about Authenticity! Our team carries out exhaustive research, prepares the List from credible sources of data and helps your business get halfway through having access to most Legitimate Contact Database.

    Our Credible Data Sources are inclusive of

    Technology Events

    Organizational Records

    Technology Professionals Web Surveys

    Government Records

    Direct Meeting

    Tech Magazines

    Tech Seminars/Webinars and Conferences

    Newsletter subscriptions

    Opt- in Emails

    Yellow pages
    Conferences & webinarsSurveys
    Panel discussionsBusiness events

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    Who are the Top Buyers of our AWS Customer List?

    Our Customer Lists can be purchased by Businesses that can help AWS Users or Cloud- Service Users fulfill their business requirements, and utilize our List of Companies that use AWS in the USA, UK and everywhere around the globe.

    Our Top- Buyers are inclusive of :

    Software Development Services Companies

    AWS Users, like any other businesses using a Software would like to keep a track of their process in a less- complex and more- organized manner. This is where Software Development Companies can use our List of AWS Customers to offer Software Development Services.

    Cloud- Service Providers

    Multiple other Cloud Service Providers can sell their Cloud Service and Solutions to AWS users by highlighting leveled- up features or offering lower prices with our AWS Clients List.

    Software Training Institutes

    As AWS Users, Businesses need to ensure that their employees are familiar with utilizing the Cloud Platform to carry out their day- day tasks. So Software Training Institutes can use our List of Top Companies using AWS to connect directly with a vast user base of AWS Customers and offer their training services.

    Partnering Sites

    Partnering Sites can avail our List of Companies using AWS in the USA and worldwide to offer Businesses to avail Software at a much affordable cost by providing Coupons, Discounts and more.

    Actively Managed Contact Database

    At Data Infometrix, we make sure that our Repository of B2B Contact Database undergoes regular 40-Days Updation to avoid every possible error and carry out all the heavy- work to analyze the problems and render the needed solutions for the same.

    Our update efforts mostly center around analyzing the difficulties that could arise while creating direct communication in the Digital Space. We provide the required solution to make sure it doesn’t hinder your way to reach out to businesses by eliminating inaccurate information, spams, errors and faults in our database.

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    With a Renowned B2B Database Solutions Provider like Data Infometrix, your Business will be equipped with

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    More than 90% of Fortune 500 Companies are using AWS.

    Facebook, Netflix, NASA, Walt Disney and LinkedIn are some of the biggest customers of AWS.

    AWS has over 2.38 Million Customers and serves to be one of the largest cloud- based service providers.

    AWS has 32% market share in cloud, while being closely followed by Microsoft’s Azure Cloud as well as Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

    Amazon Web Services (AWS) takes up 31% of the Cloud infrastructure on a global level which makes it the most prominent provider in the space.

    Amazon Web Services has  more than 1.45 million users, including 7000+ government agencies in the US Market.

    You can use Data Infometrix’s AWS Clients List to get Contact Information of Companies that are using AWS and Initiate your business’s Multichannel Marketing and Sales Efforts.

    AWS is the world’s most broadly adopted cloud service that offers 200 fully featured services from data centers on a global level.

    Amazon Web Services contributes to Miscellaneous industries and some of them include Internet, Media, Manufacturing, Consumer packaged goods, Automotive and Computer Software Industry.

    Data Infometrix’s B2B Contact Lists, including our ‘List of Top Companies using AWS’, is compliant with GDPR, CCPA and CAN- SPAM.

    Businesses can use Data Infometrix’s ‘List of Companies using AWS’ to create a Result- Driven List of Potential Leads, to whom they can Market and Sell their Products and Services.

    Data Infometrix’s ‘List of Companies that use AWS’ includes information a.k.a Customizable Data Fields related to Company Name, Email Address, Phone Number, Company Type, Company Website, NAICS Code, SIC Code, Employee Size and more!

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