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  • 01. How do you compile your data?
    We at DataInfometrix have employed state-of-the-art data mining technology paired with experienced data scientists who are obsessed with accuracy. Additionally, our data mining team coordinates with a vast network of data partners spread across the world, who extract data from legitimate sources such as - government records, yellow pages, business directories, company listings, and much more.
  • 02. How accurate is your business database?
    The email list we deliver consists of data that is 100% authentic, which is collected from genuine sources and verified regularly by our data team. We designate our major resources for verification of the data, every year more than 20 million verification calls are made to cleanse the email list and add fresh data.
  • 03. How responsive is your email list?
    There are various aspects of a marketing campaign that determine the response rate, one cannot deduce the response rate entirely based on an email list. The response rate may be determined based on the product you are selling, how engaging your content is, the offers you are providing, this being said, purchasing an email list from a reliable source like DataInfometrix will majorly help you improve the response rate, click-through rate, and lead generation considering ceteris paribus.
  • 08. In what format is the email list delivered?
    You can get our comprehensive email database delivered in CSV, .docX, or Text format.
  • 09. How often do you update your email list?
    We aim at delivering excellence to our clients hence we leave no stone unturned to eliminate any errors and duplicates from our email list and update the fresh data. Every month nearly 2 million calls are made every month for verification, along with that SMTP and NCOA verifications are carried out to keep the database fresh and free from inaccuracies.
  • 10. What types of targeting can I expect?
    You can choose from a wide range of information to run your targeted marketing campaign, we offer specific to an industry, job title, industry verticals, state, and country.
  • 04. How often do you add new email IDs?
    The database is updated on regular basis, every month we commence list-building campaigns for various topics. And every four months the database is entirely cleansed and fresh names are added to the list.
  • 05. When do you remove unsubscribes from your email list?
    On receiving the unsubscribe request we make sure that person is removed as soon as possible within 48 hours.
  • 06. Does your email list comply with CAN-SPAM?
    We ate DataInfometrix believe in a fair play, hence to avoid an unpleasant experience to either party we make sure that our email list is strictly compliant with not just CAN-SPAM, but also ANTI-SPAM, CCPA, and GDPR.
  • 11. In which forms can I send the mailers?
    Since the older version of outlook is not compatible with a flash template, we do not recommend it. Apart from that, you can actively use HTML, Text, semi-text, or flash formats to send out mailers.
  • 12. Are the mailers sent to the contacts trackable?
    Except for text format, HTML, image, and semi-text are trackable. You will receive an ID and password to our tracking tool which tracks the leads and click-through in real time.
  • 13. What modes of payment do you accept?
    We accept two modes of payment, wire transfers, and cheques. All list purchase payments must be done in advance, wherein, if you wish to make payment through cheques, ensure the cheque is payable to DataInfometrix.
  • 07. If I need help, how do I contact you?
    We would love to hear from you, please feel free to call us on +1 786-652-9092, or drop your queries on sales@datainfometrix.com